Portfolio of Selected Works
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(Em)ma Crowe

Because our knowledge is ignorance, or because it is neither knowledge of anything there nor the understanding of any truth, or because even if there is some entrance to that truth, the door may not come open except by means of ignorance — which is simultaneously path, gatekeeper, and gate.

︎ Giordano Bruno, from Cabala del Cavallo Pegaseo (The Cabala of Pegasus), 1584

…to steep oneself again in this slow and massive world, where all things move with the ponderous sullenness of oxen, patiently through the immemorial ways, and of course where no investigation would be possible. 

︎ Samuel Beckett, from Molly, 1955

Everyone is the other and no one is himself.

︎ Martin Heidegger, Being and Time, 1927

...the central signified, the original or transcendental signified, is never absolutely present outside a system of differences. The absence of the transcendental signified extends the domain and the interplay of signification ad infinitum.

︎ Jacques Derrida, Structure, Sign, and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences, 1966

Hi there. I’ll most likely introduce myself as Emma. But please: call me Em.

I like problems. And, I like finding solutions to these problems with design.

Equal parts analyst, information architect, experience engineer and visual designer, I'm a product person and have been building [insert relevant attribute] interfaces on mobile and desktop, for business and consumer platforms.

Over the last 5 years, I've enjoyed getting to know how people behave in the ecommerce and mobile AdTech industry. I'm also pretty nifty at simplifying complex interfaces. Details are everything and I aim to create with meaning and value, balancing the delicate juxtaposition with its' users and the business. My users are core to the process; let the users lead the way.

Things that influence me are unconventional, the avant-garde, observatory and androgynous. Style is important, as is good bread and butter. I'm also British, throw me a crumpet and I'll be your friend, forever.


1 It seems necessary to mention that informing these infinitely unique starting points is a preference of such a personal complexity and saturation that it could never be parsed. But is worthy of an entire study.

2 I have been to the desert; I know what goes on. The views detailed here are not an endorsement; humans are no less members of the animal kingdom than jack-rabbits — by extension humans don’t necessarily thrive by analysis.

3 Not to mention that the wholesale adoption of social media has made the construction of thin as paper personal narratives (masks) all pervasive.

4 It is a contention here that life is made up almost entirely of such unused kindling. Thoughts, actions, etc. plan to get consumed in the fire of arrival, but 99% of the time are just some sort of filler, and that is their true purpose — their mask is otherwise.

P/01.    Campaign Manager
P/01.1  Campaign Builder
P/02.   Analytics Dashboard
P/03.   Data Rewards
P/04.   Peak Valley Dashboard

P/05.   SDK Partner Onboarding
P/06.   Dating App (concept)

P/07.  Logo Design (concept)
P/08.  Web Design
P/09.  W.I.P.
P/10.  W.I.P.
P/11.  W.I.P.
P/12.  W.I.P.