Portfolio of Selected Works
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(Em)ma Crowe

My methodology is built on working with the unexpected. The importance of intelligent outcomes and the magic of discovering solutions from the accidental // 

I like problems. But I mostly like finding solutions to these problems using human-centred design.

* Hi. I’m Emma, a product designer and user researcher.

Being the first experience and digital design hire for two US start-ups ~ Datami (Boston) and MM.LaFleur (New York) ~ I've led in all stages of the end-to-end digital product journey.

Equal parts analyst, information architect, user researcher, and experience and visual designer, I advocate for people and have been crafting experiences on mobile and desktop, for business and consumer platforms for the last 10 years.

I understand how people behave in ecommerce, mobile AdTech and luxe industries, and what drives actions, respectively. I'm also pretty nifty at simplifying complex interfaces. Details are everything and I aim to create with meaning and value, striking a balance between business drivers and its' users.

My users are core to the discovery journey; let the users lead the way.