Portfolio of Works
Analytics Dashboard 002

The Approach

001 Thumbnails and sketching for data layout.

002 First product release.

Additional features (data point drill-down).

Iteration 1.

Iteration 2.

Iteration 3.

Future release.

My Role
Research into marketing and advertising metrics, customer feedback on important data, design, IX

Working with the sales team, we learned from customers what the most important metrics were and designed a dashboard that was a visual representation of the data collected. Ad campaign metrics are not new, so we looked to blend the data terminology that was useful to them already, like user types, sessions, unique views etc. (Google was a great reference for this), and layer in the new data.

Project (2)
*Analytics Dashboard

Analytics dashboard for Datami’s suite of products.

Real-world Challenge
To help clients deliver successful campaigns and prove value, we needed to provide a method of reporting. Initially, these reports were ran on a script and sent over in an excel form, but we knew there was more value in being able to send them login information with real-time data. This ultimately helped them decide which campaigns to keep running and how to tweak for more successful results.

Why It Exists
Datami's suite of products allow partners to run marketing campaigns based on Sponsored Data and Data Reward technology. In order for partners to know how effective the campaign is, an analytics dashboard was developed to show performance metrics.

Was it a success?
The customers loved this! We did have a challenge in that all the metrics we wanted to show weren’t ready in the first release, so pushed new data over a period of time.