Portfolio of Works
Peak Valley Dashboard 002

The Approach

001 Research and thumbnailing data charts.

002 MVP. This is the design that went into production. Additional features were added to this that are not reflected in these pictures. Each section has functionality that can be modified to view different information. The map, for example, can be modified to show just iOS users, or people that have purchased the service AND on iOS.

My Role
Research, design, IX, UX, visual design.

I sought out technical knowledge on the technology from the CTO and engineering team that had been working on the tech. It was important to build a dashboard for senior management within the network operator, to see what’s happening on their network, how much it’s costing them vs profit, and visually where it’s most popular. I looked at the data the backend was collecting and the information management needed to make decisions on. I thought about the levels of management, who would need to view this, and the best way to represent the data points.

In addition, I researched how cell towers work, data visualisations, how network data is collected, chart types and overall dashboard usability. As of January 2018, this was used by a large, US network operator and in talks with a European network operator.

Project (4)
Peak Valley Dashboard

Analytics dashboard for Peak Valley Technology.

Real-world Challenge
As a mobile operator (telecommunications providers), their network has times when its at full capacity and it has times when it’s underused. What if there was a way for operators to offer unlimited data at a reduced cost for time-allocated slots. It allowed operators to capitalize on unused network capacity, and mobile consumers to enjoy a better experience.

Why It Exists
Peak Valley technology is the premise in which Datami is built on. An algorithm that allows network operators to detect highs and lows (where the peak valley comes from) in network congestion, and offers its subscribers time/location based data. Detecting network congestion at cell tower level, if a cell tower is empty, network operators can offer data at reduced cost, dependant on peak and off-peak times.

Was it a success?
Once this dashboard went live, it provided instant value to Datami and the network operator. It was an easy way for the network to make money and not do anything. We continued to build out features.