Portfolio of Works
SDK Partner Onboarding 002

The Approach

001 Thumbnails and user flow.

002 Design by each step.

My Role
Research, IA, concept, design, interaction, UX and copywriter.

Working remotely, I interviewed two people via video chat. One was with our Director of Technology to understand the current SDK integration process and the second was with a current partner to understand their challenges with the integration. After synthesizing and with validation from the Director of Tech, I broke the existing integration word document into five main components (or steps) that made sense; registration, qualification, integration, test cases, admin/control, and researched process tools to look at ways we could best present the qualification tool, and to track the process of an otherwise complex integration process.

Project (5)
SDK Onboarding

A verification tool used for potential partners to find out how complex SDK integration would be with their app(s).

Real-world Challenge
At this phase of Datami’s proprietary technology, we had lots of customers wanting to test drive marketing campaigns using Sponsored Data and Data Reward technology. This meant our development team were doing integration testing, rather than developing product. We needed a solution that was scalable and would take away the backlog and ownership from our developers.

Why It Exists
SDK Partner Onboarding is a self-serve, autonomous website that would allow potential Datami partners to quickly qualify whether they were eligible to integrate our SDK into their app, with or without our support. It ended up serving as a checklist of what to do in the event of integration.

We wanted to simplify the process and break to barriers for getting partner apps up and running. Developed from a need of taking a backlog away from our developers to manually integrate apps (who were integrating up to 15 apps for one partner), this flow-diagram gave our partners the control to see if the integration steps were something their internal development teams could do, or if they needed Datami’s support.

The layout and flow never changed from this initial design. After several design and technical reviews with the engineering team, some content changes and function of the admin were redeveloped as new requirements emerged.

Was it a success?
Yes, it reduced the workload for the development team by 60% of cases.